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Gnexlab controller Boards


Seeedstudio is our new producer for the boards.

You can Order here

Gecs2tc1   – 2 thermocouple inputs
– 2 power mosfet outputs
Gecs2ts1   – 2 thermistor inputs
– 2 power mosfet outputs
Gec2.1(no longer available)
  – 1 thermocouple input
– 2 thermistor inputs
– 2 relay outputs
– 2 power mosfet outputs
Gec1.0(no longer available)   – 1 thermocouple input
– 2 thermistor inputs
– 2 relay outputs
– 2 power mosfet outputs

Posted September 3, 2011 by nerginer

54 responses to “Controller Boards

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  2. Is it possible to get a controller that has been modified to use Two Thermocouples

  3. There is only one thermocouple sensor connection on the board. Sorry

  4. Nuri Bey merhabalar.
    Öncelikle çalışmalarınızdan ötürü tebrik ederim.

    Bizim kendi yapmış olduğumuz cnc router makinesi var. Bu makineyi sizin sisteminizi kullanıp hızlı prototip makinesine dönüştürebilirmiyiz. Olabilirse maliyeti ne kadar olur. Böyle bir hizmeti bize verebilirmisiniz.

  5. can this board be used to control a dual extruder setup with a heated build platform? if not, is this something you might be developing?
    will wait if i have to, to be able to print with support material…
    great work, probably the best resource i have come across in my diy 3d printer research…
    have a 5 axis cnc kit thats just waiting to become a 3d printer, hope you have the solution

  6. Hi Rick,
    This board has three inputs and four outputs. I mean the hardware is ready for dual extruders. But it has two simultaneous PID calculations. So there must be a firmware update. I did not work on the code

  7. I’m confused now. A 3d Printer is already a CNC machine…

    You probably meant, CNC ROUTER converting it be be a 3d Printer, and just replacing the head with a hot end extruder. I have thta already, I’m using HOBBYCNC Pro to drive my Unipolar motors, and a Sanguinololu Controller (of course without the Pololu step drivers).

    • You may not use mach3 than. We are here to use mach3 as a 3d printing software.

      • can’t use mach3? Why??? I have mach3 and linuxcnc, my extruder motor is being controlled by a 4th axis. the heater of the nozzle and the heatbed is controlled externally outside of the cnc software. What is preventing you from using them? also, your subject line is confusing. “Converting a CNC machine to a 3D Printer”.. You guys probably doesn’t know what a CNC machine is, a 3D Printer is a CNC machine… you probably meant converting a CNC router to a 3d Printer since they already have the same gantry and axis. NO wonder the newbies are so getting confused nowadays, because the people who are putting this articles together doesn’t know what they are talking about.

  8. I have a 30mm x 30mm heat bed requiring 12v drawing upto 20amps. So ill use the relay to control a separate power supply. What voltage comes from the relay out? Need to make sure I get the correct relay. You said to read the source code and I’m guessing this will tell me but I cant find it.

  9. Hi Nuri, I tried the shipping tracking number online and this came up saying there is no delivery information. Could you look into this, I am anxious for product

    Ed Parenteau

  10. I ordered a board and two thermocouples. I should have ordered thermistors. Can you change the order?

  11. I am getting reafdy to buy and am looking for guidance on what else I need.
    I will be purchasing the GEC 2.1 and am going to be using it with my 3 axis CNC mill running on a gecko 540 (with 4th axis unused). Will I need additional sensors or some other items to get up and running?

  12. I am going to be using a 24 volt 25 amp power supply, my extruder heater runs on 24 volts. I have both 12 volts and 5 volts available with my system so I can supply board logic with no problems, but but it is low amperage. Can I use 24 volts to power the heat-bed through this controller? Or will I need to use 12 volts?

  13. Hi ! I have×466.jpg that extruder and i bought one gecs2tc1 .. It is necessary the resistance between the output and the heater ?

  14. How do you buy these boards?

  15. hy, i like to buy the gnexlab controller but it is sold out ! Do you make a new charge ?
    Best regards

  16. Can you advise what the voltages are you use on the mosfets? I am wondering if (for a short term) I could use an automotive relay (activates at 6 volts I think) to switch power to my CU_BD heat bed? I have a solid state relay on order, but everything else is working on my MiniMill/3d Printer conversion, so am excited to try a print!

    • The output voltage of the mosfets is 12VDC (power voltage of the board). You may try to supply 6VDC to the board and measure if the output is 6VDC.

  17. Nuri, please diregard this question, I realized as I return to the workshop, of course it will run the relay, as it can handle up to 5 amps! Will have progress by morning I feel.

  18. Nuri, I recieved my board today, poorly packaged and damaged. I can repair without any problems. The mosfet output, are they the same?
    Also, there is a 6 pin jumper?? Thermister ! and 2, which one is for hothead
    or does it matter, Is there a more indepth info on the board? Do I need
    a heatsink on hte rectifier? Sorry to be a pest, really new to 3d printing
    Dan T.

    • I warn seeedstudio about packaging. I think they will take care about it.
      for the connection please take a look at this image
      the mosfet outputs are same. The 6 pin header connection is for programming the microcontroller. You will not use it if you do not want to use an other firmware. You do not use a heatsink. Please do not over current the board it is a 5 amp board at 12V. Hope this is informative. For more information read the product page

      • Thanks for the reply. Also Thank you for providing a valuable starting point
        for us novices. i think I have three more hurdles, Mounting on cnc machine,callibrating and learning the software. Now the journey begins.
        Thanks Much, Be Well
        Dan T.

  19. Hi
    I’ve installed gecs2-tc1 today and used the following resistor as heater. unfortunately the resistor “burned” after a second. Is this the wrong resistor?
    here is the link to my electronic dealer:
    if the link doesn’t work search for 722021 on
    Thanks for your help.
    Greets Patrick

    • if the resistor is wrong, could you please search for a good one on

    • Hi Patrick,
      Please make some calculations regarding your setup. The main formula is V=I*R
      It is important to choose correct ohm for the resistor. If you use a 12v power supply something around 6 ohm can be suitable. Please find the other info regarding a good one

      Resistance: 6.8ohm
      Resistance Tolerance: ± 5%
      Power Rating: 6W
      Voltage Rating: 350V
      Temperature Coefficient: ± 75ppm/°C
      Resistor Element Material: Wirewound
      Resistor Terminals: Axial Leaded
      Resistor Mounting: Through Hole
      External Length / Height: 18mm External Width: 6.5mm
      Operating Temperature Range: -55°C to +350°C
      Package / Case: 6 x 22
      Power Rating at 25°C: 7W


  20. I have a Sherline 2000 cnc mill, Will the Sherline Cnc Driver Box work with this setup? Also, what is the difference between the thermocouple and the thermister inputs? Any particular case one might use one vice the other? Which is better? Any plans to stock any more Gec2.1? Only thing available on seeedstudio is the Gecs2tc1. Also, I know quality is probably based on the extrudter, but what is the best resolution possible using this setup?

    • Hi PH,
      If you can send us a picture of your Sherline Cnc Driver Box we may help you for the connections. Both sensors works for 3d printing. We are planning to produce the thermocouple version too. 100 microns is possible with good parameter adjustments.

  21. When vill you get the
    gecs2tc1 board again


  22. nuri bey merhaba;
    Sizden okuldaki masaüstü cnc uygulamaları için step sürücü kart ,spindel kart vs. aldık ve güzel uygulamalar yaptık. Sistemimize 3d printer uygulaması yapmak istiyoruz.Bu uygulamanın maliyeti nedir.? Çok güzel işler yapıyorsunuz; tebrik eder devamını dilerim.
    Muharrem Kömüryakan
    Bursa Tophane EML
    Cnc Atl. Şefi

    Muharrem Kömüryakan
  23. any news on availability of the gecs2tc1 boards.

  24. I am having BZT milling machine, I would like to convert it into high precision 3D printer. Please help me what I need to do further

  25. Is the controller is suitable for quad (or) multi extruder ?

  26. Because of not knowing the project details I can not say anything on the software side.

  27. I am converting a cnc router into 3d printer with quad extruder which allow me to develop a multiple color object in a single time.

  28. I am not an expert on multi extruders but you can use A axis for all extruders. You can enable the motor driver the one you want to use with mach3 output signals. That’s my idea

  29. I am converting a cnc router into 3d printer

  30. what power supply do you suggest for the board?

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