Using ReplicatorG with Mach3   13 comments

I have modified both the replicatorG software as well as the skeinforge software to get it to output G-Code for mach3.

Here is the link to download

Posted January 11, 2012 by nerginer in Main

13 responses to “Using ReplicatorG with Mach3

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  1. With this software is it still required to use the Mach3 Addon?

  2. David,
    No, You do not need to use the mach3 addon if you use this modified version of replicatorG. You can directly load the generated g-code to mach3 and start printing.

  3. Can you write a tutorial for basic g code generation using your modified program

  4. Thanks for your inputs. I am trying to build my own 3DP from ground 0. I have the hardware at 70% build. I need a software to make it functional and I thought using your conversion of replicator G using Mach3 it will be great. I need to get familiar with the use of the replicator G software before I continue with the hardware and I downloaded your modify program. I installed and start it but I can’t use it as a simulator so I can learn the program itself. At start-up It request a communication with the hardware and I can’t continue using it. Please advice me what to do to achieve my goal. Thanks in advance.

  5. Please Select Machine / Machine Type (Driver) / Gnexlab Machine first
    then you can play as you want with the replicator G. You can press the Generate GCode button to run skeinforge for slicing. It will only generate gcode. You will not use replicator G to send gcode to your machine. You will use mach3 to run your 3DP with the gcode you generate. Hope this will help.

  6. After I installed Python and Directx9 I ran the Replicator G and found no Gnexlab within the Machine Type options. The Version I have is 0033 Beta. There is something wrong with it? Thanks.

  7. I have made some modifications to the replicator G so Please download my version from the link above (this page)

  8. I wonder if would be possible to use the replicator G with a DLP projector type of 3d printer? If not possible please lead me where to. Thanks.

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