If you have a 3D STL file and want to print it with your desktop CNC machine using mach3 software You are at the correct place.

This post will be related with g-code generation using gnexlab modified replicator-G. You can download the software here. Unzip the downloaded file to a directory in your machine. (My computer has Window 7 Premium)

    • Run ReplicatorG.exe
    • File / Open   your STL file. You can use Replicator -G functions as Move, Rotate, Scale, Mirror
    • Select Machine / Machine Type (Driver) / Gnexlab Machine

    • Click Generate GCode from the right bottom menu you will get a dialog as shown below

  • Select gnexlab for the base profile and do not touch anything else
  • Click Generate GCode button on the dialog
  • Wait for the modified skeinforge to slice the STL file (takes some minutes regarding the STL file complexity)

  • After some time you will get pop up windows of skeinforge (You will make skeinforge fine tunes from here when you will be an expert. This time close all three windows)
  • You will see a gcode tab near your STL model. Click the tab and File/Save as your generated g-code file
  • Run Mach3 and File/Load G-code
  • Mach3 will load all the generated g-code (takes some time) and you will see your tool path

Hope this will Help you. Please send your comments and questions. We can try to solve your problems together.