Slic3r is rapidly becoming popular with nice 3D printing results and quick development progress. It is so simple to use the Mach3/EMC2 Gcode flavor under the printer and filament tab is generating great looking results. One of our user “Dan Mauch” from already printed his objects with Gnexlab controller+Slic3r+Mach3. This is a year ago but if you want you can download his settings file from here.

I decided to document this simple process for other users.

  • The above screen shot shows that I set the Gcode flavor to Mach3/EMC2.
  • if you are using the standalone temp controller like gnexlab controller boards set the temperature settings to zero because gnexlab controller boards will do all the temperature related activities. Setting them to zero will remove any Gcode related to temperature control that Mach may not understand.
  • It is important to set Mach3 to use A axis, and in motor tuning, set your steps per to 293 steps/mm for a starting point(others have reported that 284 steps/mm works well), and speed to 100 with accel of 50 or so. That will get you close.
  • Also, here are the start/end GCODE you need to fill in when using slic3r:

Start GCODE G00 G90 G54X0Y0 G92A0 G21

End GCODE G90 G20 G92A0 M30

  • The other settings will be specific to your machine. But this is the easiest way of 3D printing. Try to optimize the other parameters to get better results.

I enjoy sharing theses ideas with you all and any contributions, comments and or feedback is invited. I will be more than happy to publish your settings and results here to share with others.