• Modified Skein Forge

This application slice your STL file and produce gcode representing the 4th axis with the letter “A”. (not “E”) We can call it CNC software friendly SkeinForge.

-Please take a look at the Requirements to run the skeinforge – All requirements are applicable to the modified one.

  -*-*-*–*-*-Downlaod Here-*-*-*-*-*-*-

6 thoughts on “Modified_Skeinforge”

  1. I’ve downloaded and run both the mach3 addon and the modified skeinforge software on this page. The trouble I am having is that the gcode that is generated is using a F code such as F260. I don’t see any A codes in the gcode. How do I setup mach3 to turn the stepper using the F260 command, or am I missing something? Thanks!

  2. Also, it is very hard to leave a reply because of the text color in the “Leave a Reply” box. I actually have to highlight the text to be able to see what I have typed.

  3. I’ve got extrusion working, but I seem to have a problem with the gcode… the A-axis command is not being ignored between the M103 and M101 commands. This causes huge blobs. For example, here is a copy paste from the gcode. Do you know how to resolve this problem?
    G1 X63.77 Y-0.39 Z0.79 F900.0
    G1 F180.0
    G1 A4.4092
    G1 F900.0
    G92 A0

    • Hi Larry,
      You do not need M103 and M101 commands. This is what people say 5D. Your extruder is controlled with a stepper driver so you do not need to stop and start the motor. “A” command is responsible for the amount of plastic to extrude according to the travel. The dimension tab in skeinforge let you to control your extruder stepper.
      Hope this will help.

  4. I was able to prevent the blobbing problem by commenting out the two prior moves of the A-axis (see below). Is there a switch in skeinforge to do this automatically?

    G1 X47.43 Y33.46 Z0.36 F225.0 A6.0087
    G1 F180.0
    (G1 A5.9087)
    G1 F225.0
    G1 X48.21 Y43.56 Z0.36 F900.0
    G1 F180.0
    (G1 A6.0087)
    G1 F900.0
    G92 A0

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