Seven Segment Thermistor One Channel Extruder Controller

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This extruder controller board is a temperature monitoring and PID temperature controller for 3D printers. If you have a desktop CNC machine you can easily convert your CNC to a 3D printer with this controller board. You can also handle your temperature related tasks of your 3D printer with this board without the need of a computer. You can set the extruder temperature or the heated bed temperature with on board trimpot. You can read digitally your setting temp and sensor values from the Seven Segment Display. You can directly connect your heating element to the board. High Power MOSFET can handle your current requirements. Please note that this board has one channel PID temperature controller. You can use it for extruder or heated bed. If you need to control both you need to buy two of this boards.


  • Standalone No PC Connection Required
  • Based on the Arduino
  • 4 digit Seven Segment Display
  • Single button simple Temp Settings With On board Pot
  • 1 High Power MOSFET Output (10A at 12V)
  • 1 Thermistor Input
  • Needs 12VDC as power source
  • 1 PID Computation Via On-board Micro-controller



Connection Diagram:

How to use:

After making proper connections by using the picture above you can set the temperature by pressing the on board set temp button. Press and hold the button and adjust the temp setting trimpot. You will see the seven-segment display change accordingly. Turning trimpot in clock wise while pressing the button will increase the set temperature. Turning it the other way will decrease the set temperature. After you see your desired value on seven segment display just release the button. The controller will try to keep the temperature as close as possible to the set temp value.

Suitable Heating Element:

12V 40W Ceramic Cartridge Wire Heater



Suitable thermistor Sensor

There is on board solder jumper in order to select the suitable thermistor sensor.

if s1 jumper is soldered you can use EPCOS 100K Thermistor (B57540G0104F000)

if s2 jumper is soldered you can use Honeywell 100K Thermistor (135-104LAG-J01)

if s3 jumper is soldered you can use RRRF 100K Thermistor with below temp table.