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  • Mach3 3D printer Add-on
I am very happy to announce that I have written an Add-on for mach3 which will allow you to use mach3 as a 3D printer Software. You will use mach3 software both for slicng the STL file and printing directly.
Please watch video in full screen…
Installation Notes:
– Please download the setup1.3.exe and install (may request administrator privilege. The user name and password is your own administrator user name and password)
– It includes Slic3r inside (
– It requires a Windows machine running .net Framework. You can download the .net Framework yourself here).
– You can change Slic3r settings by editing “gnexlab_config.ini” Which is inside Slic3r directory. You can also open it with Slic3r.exe in order to modify it. Do not forget to save it on the “gnexlab_config.ini” file.
Tested on winXP and Win7 systems.
 Version Updates:   ver1.3 (Slic3r inside)– Packed with Slic3r 0.7.1

-*-*-*–*-*-Download 1.3 Latest Version Here(Slic3r inside)-*-*-*-*-*-*-

 Version Updates:   ver1.2 (Skeinforge inside)– Post g-code to mach3 button code updated
– Exit button removed
– Packed with Sfact V2.0 11.08.01 (Easy to use skeinforge)

-*-*-*–*-*-Download 1.2 Version Here(Skeinforge inside)-*-*-*-*-*-*-

Posted September 3, 2011 by nerginer

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  1. Nuri, you are the best! Thanks

  2. Hallo
    Congratulation ,the concept from Mach3(Addons)
    My name Tibor Farkas from Hungary
    This Mach-Addon(3DPrinter) its Free ?
    But!!!!!, Request ; User N ,Password ?????
    email ;
    Login ???
    Thanks .

  3. The Mach3 Addon will be free of charge. No Password or any add.

  4. The password requested is your own Administrator password. It is for letting the mach3 to exchange files with skeinforge.

  5. Hi Nuri All working now other than mach3 still does not post the code automatically regregardless of the skeinforge Export setting Have verified all three export extension and they are exported to my chossen destination file ok, but when i press the Post G code Button i am still seeing the Error on line 9 indicationg file not found . this is not problem since i can now manually select the file and load it to mach 3

  6. forgot to say big thanks Nuri for all the support in helping me sort out this minor issue with your brilliant add on saved me a load of time and effort and am now one mo=re step closer to seeing my cnc router used for 3d Printing ( ps maybe my browsewr setting but cant actually see the text im typing unless i use the highlight function so sorry about all the bad spelling its like typing with inviible ink:-)

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  8. nice job! thank you

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  10. Converting your existing CNC machine to a 3D printer, Where can I find the hardware? Greetings Bart Dupon (Belgium)

  11. Hi Bart,
    I can help you with the electronics and the sensors. Please take a look at
    for the controller board

  12. Hello, i’ve seen your add on for the mach3, it is very interesting indeed, is it open-source? i’d have to mod it a little it be to make it fit in my machine, thank you

  13. The mach3 add on have a package of some scripting code and an executable. You can easily modify the scripting code for your needs. The executable did not have any important functionality. If you have any special need please specify it here. we can discuss it. Otherwise you did not need to change the code for customization you only have to play with the parameters.

  14. Hello, and first of all congratulations for the work,
    I am a problem trying to use the Mach3 addon, I open STL file but when I click post g-code to Mach3 nothing happens …
    can you help me?

  15. Please wait the application. It takes sometime.

  16. Hello! First thank you for making this plugin it seems to be very helpful. However after I type in the password I get an application error message. It says “the application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click OK to terminate the application.” Not sure why, I did it just like in the video.

  17. I found that Windows will give you this error if you try to run any application that requires the “.NET Framework” to run, but your computer does not have “.NET Framework” installed. To fix it, just install the .NET Framework from Microsoft:

    I hope this helps

  18. That fixed it! Thanks a ton!

  19. Teşekkür ederim Nuri for the plugin! Nice elegant solution for using Mach 3 with stepper controllers for 3D printing. Simplified greatly the conversion.
    Wonderful! Very nice of you!

  20. I installed the plugin but after I select the STL file, a black console comes up for a little while, then it dissapears and nothing else happens (the dialog from skeinforge doesn’t come up). And I can’t get out of the plugin whithout closing mach3. Any ideas?

  21. Sorin,
    Please choose a small (file size) STL file for your tests. Skeinforge may need more time to calculate the sliceses if you are working with big stl files. You may need to wait much more.

  22. Thank you. It seems like the 1st STL I chose was bad. Now I have another problem, when trying to print the calibration cube, the first layer prints (sort of), but starting on the second layer, the flow rate (the amount of plastic extruded by the A axis) is reduced by a factor of 20-30 and nothing is printed. For instance, on the perimeter printing, on the first layer, the A axis will move 4mm (4 mm of filament will be extruded). On the second layer, same perimeter, only 0.12mm are extruded. Any ideas?

  23. This is not related with the mach3 addon. Try to change skeinforge settings

  24. ok, I will. thanks!

  25. Hi Nuri i’m JP ramirez from mexico i’m interested to add a extruder head to a cnc router to make big models and i’minterested to try your mach3 addon wizard how can i get it or download it also you have plans to make the extruder head?

    Juan Pablo Ramirez
  26. i was testing slic3e but i notice that some stl models i try from solidworks or surfcam it make erratic paths but with sample models works ok and ita has a machine that’s work ok with mach3 but how to add M macros on mach3 to turn of and on A axis?

    Juan Pablo Ramirez
  27. Hi Juan,
    You can download the latest version of the Mach3 Add on from the link above or here
    We have plans to produce extruders Please stay tuned.

    For your Slic3r question Please take a look at its web page for the usage of the software. If you use Stepper motor for your extruder you do not need any M codes to start or stop it. It will work as 4th axis and the A axis values are for it. If you can use our boards for temperature control you have nothing to do except to set your temperature values. The boards will do all the stuff with out any computer communication. They are stand alone. You can choose any of them according to your sensors.

  28. hello thanx for help but i need the Password can u help me pls

  29. Hi I have windows 7 mach3 2.0 and you addon load wizard and skeinforge but and i clicked on button 2 for post g code and load to screen mach3 do not load and no back to screen! do you help me? i look for file in gcode mach3 installation “teachFile” and this are blank.

    • Please choose a small (file size) STL file for your tests. Skeinforge may need more time to calculate the sliceses if you are working with big stl files. You may need to wait much more.

  30. ok thanks .. a tested on exemple whistle skeinforge and work…. thanks..

  31. Awsome plugin. I am using it for a custom built concrete 3d printer. I am having some problems with a series of geometries. The plugin creates the correct toolpath, but then only some of the layers show up in mach3. Would it be possible to see the sourcecode so i can take a shot at fixing this? also I can send jpegs for further clarification.

  32. Hi, this is very interesting. We have a Grizzly minimill run by gecko 540 and mach3. We have started to build a 3D printer out of flatbed scanner and some inkjet printer parts having purchased a Makerbot hot end and stepper plastruder, plus a sanguinololu with 4 pololu stepper drivers. The sanguinololu controls 4 steppers, plus hot end and heated bed. It looks like we are headed down a slightly different path than this project would lead us, but we really like Mach3, so we are wondering if we can find a way to incorporate MAch3 into this install? thanks! Chuck Merja FIRST robotics team 1696, FTC 0724…

    • We are also big fun of mach3 and this is why we use it as a 3D printing software. The main reason developing the controller board standalone is the sensitivity of mach3 pulse stream. We let mach3 do the motor control jops and our standalone boards do the 3D printing specific temperature controls. My suggestion is (I did this for lots of machines) use pololu driver via mach3 to drive the steppers. Use one of our controller board for temperature control. Install latest version of mach3 addon. That’s all. Start printing inside mach3 (including slicing stl files)

  33. Nice post. I was checking continuously this blog and I am inspired! Extremely useful info specifically the last phase:) I take care of such information much. I was looking for this particular info for a long time. Thanks and good luck.

  34. I installed the plugin but after I select the STL file, a black console comes up for a little while, then it dissapears and nothing else happens (the dialog from skeinforge doesn’t come up). And I can’t get out of the plugin whithout closing mach3. Any ideas?
    What limits the file size?

    • Hi Gary,
      Please choose a small (file size) STL file for your tests. Skeinforge may need more time to calculate the sliceses if you are working with big STL files. You may need to wait much more.

  35. I don’t even understand how I stopped up right here, but I assumed this publish used to be good. I do not recognize who you are however certainly you’re going to a well-known blogger
    if you aren’t already. Cheers!

  36. Do you zero out your Z axis/extruder to the bed? Does the slice take into account the Z height?

  37. I am now able to download an stl file to the addon. The black screen appears for about 1/4 second and disappears and I wait for the results. I see that you advised others on this discussion to wait for Skeinforge to produce the gcode. Yesterday I loaded a 467 KB file and waited 9 hours and nothing happened. Today a 655 KB file for 5 3/4 hours. I opened task manager and see that after loading a file that CPU usage is 0%. Surely it should be something? Should I uninstall and reinstall the addon? Happy New Year! Pico Elgin

  38. Any idea what? Shall I reinstall? Thanks, Pico Elgin

  39. With the net. framework, is it necessary to be connected to the internet? I have an offline computer to run the cnc machine and I see that there are some offline installers for net. framework. Thanks, Pico Elgin

  40. I have the addon in a folder in C/ and in C/Mach3. Is it suppose to be in two locations? Thanks, Pico Elgin

  41. After installing this, can I update to the latest Slic3r and it’ll still work? It’s really some script as a Mach3 wizard to point to Slic3r and a Mach3 profile? Or is there more?

  42. In your video, after loading the stl to the add-on, the black dialog box appears and the program starts to run in the dialog box, until the gcode is generated. Is this the standard operating procedure for this program? – for the dialog box to be visible if the add-on is working properly. If the dialog box disappears after 1/4 second, is the add-on working properly? If it is not working properly, how do I diagnose the problem? Thanks, Pico Elgin

  43. Can I upgrade to the latest version of Slic3r and it will still work with this addon? Slic3r installs to it’s default directory?

  44. I was poking around in Skeinforge and I did not see a way to convert to inch- instead of mm. Does your addon only covert from mm ? So I need to draw STL file in mm for this to work?

  45. I ordered one of you dual thermistor boards. They look nice. Question on the Mach3 converter shown on this page. All my CAD and CAM files are in inches and Mach 3 is set to inches. Is there an option to create Gcode in inches?

    • It is better to look at skeinforge or Slic3r configurations for that. You have to configure them to output Gcode in inches. Then you can use our Mach3 Addon with those configurations.

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  47. Thanks, I am using Mach3. I downloaded slic3r, but I don’t see any way to set slic3r to work in inches. Are you saying to set the Gcode to G21? thanks

  48. Even if your native units are set to inches in Mach3, it will print in metric if it is a G21 gcode. It will print in inches if the gcode is set to G20. Because all of this 3d printing software is in metric, I suggest you start thinking and printing in metric. Carry a metric-imperial tape with you ( I use a Stanley Powerlock 33-158) and a dial caliper to keep you thinking straight. It’s very difficult to change from inches to metric – I spent my life as a contractor and have been thinking in inches for 61 years- but 3d print requires it. Actually I design in Sketchup in inches, but convert it to metric when the design is completed. It’s metric from there on.

  49. Hi, Thanks Pico,
    Yes, Mach3 seems to switch to metric when it has a G21 code. I do work in mm, but my CAD and CAM software are set to inches. I can switch both of those over and start working in mm’s

  50. Black Screen Problem solved!

    I literally took pictures of my monitor using a high framerate camera to capture the fleeting message and this is what I got (with the solution posted afterward)

    “Loading C:\Gnexlab_Mach3_Addon/dist/Slic3r/Gnexlab_configini
    => Processing input file C:\users\met\Documents\3D
    => Processing triangulated mesh
    Input file must have .stl or .amf(xml) extension”

    And then the program would quit.

    The problem is the path to my .stl file was: C:\users\met\Documents\3D Printer\3D files\file.stl
    Which means that this addon simply cannot find the file if any directory in the filepath has a space! (My Documents is an exception and shows up as Documents).

    The simple solution! Don’t have any directories in the filepath to the .stl file with any spaces. Yea, that’s the problem. Spaces in the directory name OR FILE NAME!

    Change the location of your .stl files to C:\3Documents (or somesuch. I have texted this filepath and it works well.)
    Also eliminate any spaces from the filenames. No “file name.stl” allowed. Must be “filename.stl”

    Think old MSDOS filename conventions and you wil be fine.

  51. Which file do you modify to configure the parameters to match your hardware?

  52. Hi, thanks for that great work. I have done my first print a fiew minutes ago. But as I see in the Installation movie after you have run the stl to gcode procedure the pops up an configuration screen, but at my win7 it don’t came up and I’m not sure what parameter slic3r will take for printing. Also the Exit button is not there. What could be the problem? It would be very nice if you have any solution for it.

    Thanks in advance


    • The new version did not have the exit button. Do not worry. It must automatically exit. Please make a test with a small sized STL file. It takes some time to process.

  53. Great work Nuri! Im getting an error when clicking the open stl button in the add-on. It says: Mach3Scripts Error on line: 1 CoInitialize has not been called. Any suggestions?

  54. not to worry, installed a new version of mach3 which seems to have sorted it

  55. Thanks to all for sharing.
    I have all the parts ordered for conversion, have been playing with the software thats been suggested. Problem, G-code that is produce has all the X-Y at the top and all the A axis at the bottom, any suggestion?
    Dan Thornburg

  56. Greetings from a new bee
    Yes the output file, also, Iam not sure about the format of the stl file
    I am new to this and have a hard time wrapping my head around all
    the fifferent methods and formats to use, Again Thank for the info and
    work you have done.
    Dan T.
    P.S. Any DFW area people out there?

  57. Hi Nuri,
    Many thanks for the work you have done with the addon. I found this site through the 3dres site. The 3ders article mentions that the Skeinforge version of your addon changes the 4th axis designation from A to E so that it can be used to drive the extruder. What I would like to know is if version 1.3 with slic3r inside is also capable of driving the extruder. I have installed 1.3 into Mach 3, loaded a file, converted to G code and run my CNC Router from the file. It worked a treat. I don’t have an extruder on the machine, I was only testing the addon software to see how my machine would perform using it.

    Thanks again, Denis.

  58. Thanks Nuri, I thought it would be but decided to check just in case. Regards, Denis.

  59. When will the gecs2tc1 be available again.


    Morton Hatch

  60. Hi great work I have the same problem as nerginer my x axis uses two steppers x and linked with A ,I have set up a second port on the pc with another driver and now have control of a 5th axis B .How can I get the Mach 3 addon to control axis B for the extruder thanks.

  61. Hi great work I have the same problem as Gonzalo García my x axis uses two steppers x and linked with A ,I have set up a second port on the pc with another driver and now have control of a 5th axis B .How can I get the Mach 3 addon to control axis B for the extruder thanks.

  62. How do I change the extruder Axis from A to B in the gcode output thanks.

  63. Another option is to change your machine to slave X and B and Keep A as the axis for the extruder. That is nice too as the DRO in mach shows the motion for A.

    Plans to sell the hardware again anytime soon Neri?

    Mikie – BloomingtonMike

  64. I have a fully working system with skienforge 1.2 but with 2 problems..

    When I run directly it just flashes up black window with some comments in which I cannot read ) and then goes away. ( all works okay when run from Mach 3 / wizard screen )

    It does not appear to be using the end.gcode file ( no information in the file is added to end of produced gcode. to make sure not being added elsewhere I noted the number of lines in code and it does not change )
    . It is using the start.gcode file as I can change info and it is reflected in the gcode produced.
    Yes, I have changed and checked names in the profile section.
    Can anyone help ?

  65. Hi Nuri,
    Thanks for quick response,
    Unfortunately this does not cure the problem, I have tried putting the .sl in root directory ( C: ), also in gnexlap directory and mach3 directory, in all cases it refuses to use/add the end.gcode file but still uses the start.gcode file correctly .
    While asking for a possible fix is it possible to use/point to a version of sfact ? ( skienforge ) ?
    Thanks for help


    • Did you try to use the Slic3r version of the mach3 addon

      • Hi Nuri,

        No , Not tried it yet but will load up and try tomorrow, I will keep you posted …( may take a while as I guess I have to learn how to use it ?)
        ( For your information I am running windows 7 ultimate 64 bit ).
        Thanks again for help.



      • Hi Nuri,

        Okay here we go…
        Loaded up Slic3r and ran from within Mach3.
        selected .stl file from c: xxx.stl
        Result… flashed up black screen and then went back to gnexlab 3d screen.
        I then exited Mach3

        Loaded latest stand alone version of Slic3r (0.9.10b ).
        Ran this program, ( set output to be Mach3/EMC gcode compatible ) imported .stl file from c: xxx.stl, exported as gcode file c: xxx.gcode.
        Activated Mach3 and loaded the xxx.gcode file.
        Result… All seems to work okay as displayed on Mach3 screen.

        I don’t know what any of the above means but I do now have a working system.
        Thanks for your help and I hope the above is of some help ?



  66. Hello
    I’m Chris and I have a problem and need your help with the addon.
    I can stl file select but then only for a moment a DOS box with the following text:
    Loading C:/Gnexlab_Mach3_Addon/dist/Slic3r/gnexlab_config.ini
    =>Processing input file D:\bottle_fixed.stl
    =>Prozessing triangulatd mesh
    Use of uninitiaized value in negation (-) at C:/Gnexlab_Mach3_Addon/dist/Slic3r/lib/std/Slic3r/ line 293

    Then I can just stop Mach3.
    Does anyone have a solution for this problem?
    Thank you

  67. Thanks for quick response und help

  68. However, think but that the error in the gnexlab_open_dialog.exe or gnexlab_config.ini is. when I open directly the stl file with Slic3r it comes without an error message and the G-code is created.

  69. Hi Nuri!
    My name Mihaly,from hungary.I read your Mach3_Addon project.Please,can you send me
    passport to me.Exuse me but I can’t goot English!
    I congratulation your work.My
    Thank You.

    Mihály Mészár
  70. Hi there, first of all thanks! This is what I’ve been looking for, I have a small light duty router I’ve been thinking about converting to 3D printing. One question for a newbie at this, where do I change print settings like filament thickness and layer depth, sorry 2 questions. What about heater control is it controlled by Mach3 or is it on all the time?

    Thanks again. Dave

  71. I installed setup1.3 and can get g-code into Mach3. Where are the slic3r and gnexlab setup files located? For that matter where are the slicr program files? My machine is XP Pro but I will be installing on and Win7-64bit machine soon.

    Nuri: Thanks for your great work on all of this!! Much appreciated.

    • Actually, I finally found the gnexlab folder under C:\.

      I read the questions/comments in this thread about setting the gcode output to inches and cannot find a resolution the the issue. Since STL files are “unit-less” it seems Slic3R simply *assumes* the mesh of triangles is in mm and outputs a G21 to set the units to mm.

      If I simply change the G21 to G20 at the start of the code, will it print in inches (assuming the original 3D design was created in inches before outputting the STL file)?


      • Good question. In 3D world community using mm. I do not know the answer. May be some one in community answer. Or you can give it a try.

      • I think I have this figured out and can answer my own question.

        Two key points: 1) STL files are “unit-less” but can be saved from a solid modeling program in any units and 2) slic3r assumes every file it opens is in mm (whether it is or not).

        If you have an STL file that was saved in mm, slic3r will handle it correctly. If you give it a file saved in inches, it will assume the dimensions are in mm. e.g. an STL file that is a 1-2-3 inch block will show up as a 1mm x 2mm x 3mm block, Slic3r has a “Scale” function so to get the file as you need it, scale it by 2540%. Scale it and it will then show the 1-2-3 inch block as 25.4 x 50.8 x 76.2 mm which is correct.

        Of course, you need to tell Mach3 your units are mm for the gcode (also in mm) to work correctly.

        Note: slic3r also has a “export STL” function if you export the scaled file from above you will have the inch file you started with now converted to metric.

        This all pertains to slic3r v1.17 which is the latest stable version

    • Does mach3 working on win7-64 bit?

  72. I am trying some experiments as I had a friend make me 2 STL files using SolidWorks, One saved in mm and the other in inches. Unfortunately, I cannot open get either of them to work as slic3r says the files aren’t “manifold”. (I know that by noting the CMD box flashes with some message and no gcode is posted. I ran the files in slic3r driectly and saw the error message). I gave no doubt that the files are good as this person is an expert 3D designer and does it for a living.

    One other question: is there a way to get rid of the authentication box that pops up when the “Open STL” file button is pressed in your Wizard?

    • >One other question: is there a way to get rid of the authentication box that pops up when the “Open STL” file button is pressed in your Wizard?

      Windows OS is asking the password in order to run a script file. So the answer is no sorry

      • Nuri,

        You can fix this by changing the ShellExecute verb from “runas” to “open”. “runas” is for running a script with elevated permissions.

    • The “manifold” problem with a known good STL file is a problem with slic3r v0.7. The latest version of slic3r (v1.17) fixes it. Unfortunately, your add-on no longer works. I tried to do this by replacing the executables and subfolders in the C:\Gnexlab_Mach3_Addon\dist\Slic3r folder.

      Is there an upgrade to the add-on to use slic3r v1.17?

      • I will entirely re-write the software. Printing and slicing software have newer versions. (But not mach3) This time it will not be a script or mach3 add-on. It will be a standalone executable works as a bridge between slicer engine and mach3. It will be configurable and of course free as always.

        Anybody who have ideas about a software for a converted mach3 cnc mill Please send here.

  73. Nuri,

    Here is my $0.02 relative to your software question:

    IMHO, I think the wizard approach is a good one and I would like to see it continue. The way you are doing it now with an open-file.m1s script and a second to post the gcode to mach3 seems a good way to go. Basically, a “bridge” type program already exists with slic3r’s Quick Slice and Save function.

    If you stay with a wizard approach here is some information you may find useful:

    Slic3r has a command line interface, i.e.:

    If you follow that it won’t matter which version of slic3r is installed and users could upgrade their version anytime they wanted.

    As I said above, using “open” instead of “runas” in ShellExecute will cleanly run the open-file script.

    There is a VBScript command for a file open dialog and it can be used directly instead of having to write a small utility to get the filename and pass it to slic3r. The same script could make the call to slic3r so the script does everything.
    Here is information on a FileOpen dialog:
    (scroll to the bottom to see a way to do it for Win XP/7/8)

    Some other suggestions are:
    1) Pass an empty string to the file open dialog (it now opens with openFileDialog1 in the File name box)

    2) Open slic3r in GUI mode so, in case there are errors, the user can see what they are and possibly correct them using slic3r. If you do use the console keep it open if an error occurs. Another option may be to pipe the output of slic3r to a text DRO on your wizard screen

    3) Install everything into your Mach3 Add-on folder (except maybe slicer that could go into Program Files)

    4) Add a “return to Mach3” or “Cancel” button on your wizard screen

    5) Output the gcode file as a *.tap file to with a name derived from the input STL file

    I hope you find this useful


  74. Nuri,

    I suppose this is a slic3r question, but when I take a simple stl, like a bottle opener, I can successfully get it converted to gcode, and into Mach3, but I seem to get thick (1mm) output with the qu-bd extruder (with their standard stepper motor)

    In Mach3, I have this set for 200 in the A Axix motor settings, what did you have the stepper setting at in your tested configuration? I am sure this is a combination function of how slic3r is pulsing steps through gcode, and the mach3 motor tuning, but I seem to be missing some piece of the puzzle still.

  75. Nuri,

    How is the upgrade to the mach3 add-on coming?


  76. Hi! first, congratulations to you all! I’m a new fan of these matters and I’m approaching to the 3d printing. I have a problem with the mach 3 addons.Done installation, when I click on “open STL file” comes an error: “Error on line 1 – CoInitialize has not been called” and clicking OK, open the window labeled “HiddenScript.1ms – Mach3 VB scipt Editor “saying:
    Set objSh = CreateObject(“Shell.Application”)
    objSh.ShellExecute “C:\Gnexlab_Mach3_Addon\gnexlab_open_dialog.exe”, “” , “”, “runas”, 1
    However, if I click on the “Post to Mach3 Gcode: I get another error:” Error on line: 4 – CoInitialize has not been called “and clicking OK, open the usual window called” HiddenScript.1ms – Mach3 VB scipt Editor “written with a program long enough.
    can someone help me?
    P.S. The PC is w7 x64

  77. Everything seemed to download perfectly but after clicking on the ‘Open STL File’ button and being asked to select STL file, I cannot see anything called test.stl and a search on my PC shows that no stl files are present at all. Any advice please.

  78. This software doesn’t work in Mach3 for me. Opened a small STL file in the wizard. Waited an hour. Nothing happens

  79. I am not able to change Slic3r settings I can not see the “gnexlab_config.ini” file anywhere on computer. How is that done, and can I update to latest version of slic3r?

  80. Hi Dude, ran some tests on the add on and found there is an error in the open stl file button Script or the gnexlab_open_dialog executable. you can run the slic3r.exe and it all works well at slicing. I Captured the output from the button command and it is not getting the full file name to the slic3r program and falls over. hope this helps.

  81. I have able to get addin1.3 working but I want to use the B axis instead of A. I changed to axis to B in the ini file but the output gcode is still A. I am doing a working around by simply replacing A with B in notepad but thisis not ideal. I thought that any axis could be used ?

  82. any way of putting an inkjet printer head on this?

  83. hello I have a problem loading an STL file in version 1.3 the upload window is closed and put post g tells me online only error code 33 – file not found hope you can help me thanks

    • most problems are coming from the windows scripting. Please do not use log file pathname and long filenames. Try to put a small stl file in root c:// and make some tests to find out if the problem is long filenames.

  84. Excellent work! the next step should be a 3d printer uv laser and galvomotors controlled by mach3. Thanks.

  85. Hi, Nuri
    Successfully printing with my router. Have a problem with the bed overheating, set to 60C sometimes goes up to 100C, Is there something on the heater board I should look at and?or replace? The hotend stays sane. Am using your thermister type board

  86. Mach4 ? Is there any chance the addin can be updated to work with Mach4, or a suitable work around

    • I have signed an agreement with Newfangled Solutions (Mach4 people) to produce a new add in for the software but I did not have a product yet. I am also working on a new board which will use mod bus and a mach3-4 screen to read the temperature outputs. Any help with the community is appreciated.


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