It was six years ago that we talk about converting our CNC machines to 3D Printers with some good friends from CNCZone Forum. Now people all around the world did this successfully and we have developed better electronics and software together. Today I am happy to tell you about a new temperature controller board with wifi capability. With this board you can connect its embedded web server and see what’s going on from the dashboard. Or you can click the settings link from your browser and tune the temperature and PID parameters.

This board will be beyond extruder or heated bed temperature controller. It can also control remotely your barbecue or home brew beer setup. I am curious about hearing your ideas. It will be ready for sale soon and we will talk a lot about it.  Please find some more below.

PS: As always it is open source and open hardware


  • Standalone No PC Connection Required
  • Based on the Arduino Diecimila and ESP8266 Wi-Fi IC
  • 2×16 Character LCD Display
  • Embedded Web Server for parameter setting, remote monitoring and Wi-Fi configuration
  • 2 High Power MOSFET Output (10A at 12V)
  • 2 Thermistor, 1 Thermocouple Sensor Input
  • Needs 12VDC as power source
  • 2 independent PID Computation via On-board dedicated Micro-controller. Wi-Fi related activities done by other IC

Wifi Temp Controller Wifi Temp Controller