Hi Everybody!

Today we are very happy to announce you that as MakerStorage LLC. we published our first SaaS Application. This Web application is for makers and professionals who want to build their 3D Printing business. Its name is 3DMetri

So What is 3DMetri?


3DMetri is a cloud solution for automating and managing your 3d printing business.

If you have 3d printers and provide printing services for third-party customers, 3DMetri will help you to do your job faster with low cost. We know how it’s hard to handle tons of quotes, orders, 3D models, shipments, etc. If you are familiar with that, then we have the right solution for you.

It is a two-part simple system. 3DMetri and My3DPanel:

3dMetri is the state of the art software that you embed into your own web page. It works for your customers, where they can upload 3d models and get a rapid quotation. It also includes a self-checkout payment system. But be sure that we did not collect your money. It is your payment account and we only integrate it into your web page.

The other part of the puzzle is My3DPanel which is a back office account where you can manage your settings, inventory, orders, and clients.

We are at the beta stage with fully functional web sites:



If you want to use it Now we are happy to give you $1000 worth of credits.
Please email (ne@makerstorage.com) us to be part of the beta program.