The 3D Printer Kit (less Filament Holder)

One of my friend and customer Al wants to reach you guys who were looking to buy a “turnkey” 3D printing solution for their CNC mill before he put it for sale on eBay. 

You can find his request below and this can be a good chance for someone who wants to use his CNC as a 3D Printer.

Here is a PDF document about his setup: 3D Printer for CNC Mill

Hi Nuri,

I want to thank you for the inspiration of my getting into 3D printing when I purchased one of your temperature controller boards some time ago and the support provided in getting it going.  I used it to convert my SX3 CNC mill to a 3D printer while still retaining the CNC mill capability, in other words to be able to go back and forth between functions.  I built all the pieces of the system including a control box based on your board which was expanded to include fan control, etc.

I got very into 3D printing with that setup and recently “graduated” from that and purchased a MakerGear M3 Single Extruder printer.

For this reason, I am now looking to find a good home for my trusty CNC Mill 3D printer.  I put a lot of design and build time plus money into this project and I hope to find someone who can take advantage of it and use it as I did.  I thought I would let you know in the event you knew of someone who was looking to buy a “turnkey” 3D printing solution for their CNC mill before I put it for sale on eBay.  I’ve attached a photo of the kit as well as a description for more detail if anyone is interested.

Thanks again for providing a path for me to get into 3D printing!