There are more than one solution for the software side. Please find below them and choose the one best fits your needs. Controller Boards are mostly working standalone. They do not communicate with the controller software. They have their embedded software running on board  micro-controller. This approach simplifies the effort on converting your CNC machine to a 3D Printer.

1- Mach3 Addon

Because of the popularity of Mach3 in CNC communities we will continue to support it as 3d printing software. This Mach3 add-on is using CuraEngine behind the seen. After selecting the STL file, mach3 add-on runs CuraEngine with the settings inside curarun.bat file. The generated g-code file transferred to Mach3 automatically and with only one software (Mach3), you can 3D Print your model.

Installation: Download the latest release below and unzip it inside mach3 addon directory.

Usage: Run Mach3. From the wizard menu pick makerstorage addon.


Download: Latest relase

Source Files :

2- Using a slicer software to export g-code suitable for your machine control software

3D Model Slice CNC
1_222556_1 recons-skin Mach3InfLoop
Design with CAD or
Download STL file
Open STL file with a Slicing software like Cura Use Mach3 or LinuxCNC to run the generated gcode
  • Cura:
    Cura is one of the most popular slice software developed by Ultimaker.

Installation: Download and install latest version of Cura software. You need to define a new machine inside Cura. Select the GCode Flavor to MAch3/LinuxCNC. Download the below profile for a starting point. From Cura File menu Open this downloaded profile. You can fine tune the settings for your custom needs.

Usage: After proper installation and profile adjustments from File menu Load model File. This file is 3d model with STL extention. Position the model by draging on the build platform. Press the disk icon on the top to save your gcode. Open Mach3 and load this gcode.


Download: cura profile

Source Files :


Mach3 – Newfangled Solutions:Mach3 turns a typical computer into a CNC machine controller. It is very rich in features and provides a great value to those needing a CNC control package.

Cura and CuraEngine: It is a powerful, fast and robust engine for processing 3D models into 3D printing instruction for Ultimaker and other GCode based 3D printers. It is part of the larger open source project called “Cura”.