Things people have made using gnexlab controller and mach3 addon

Thanks alot to the people sending us their pics and videos

Donald Fournier

Enclosed are pictures and Video of my conversion of my CNC mill to do 3d Printing. The heater controller board works great and slicr gcode works great with Mach3.  The Mill is a square column mill purchased a couple of years ago from Grizzly.  I did the CNC conversion following the hoss conversion including ball screws on all axis. I’m very impressed with the print quality, thank you for all your help.

IMG_2152 IMG_2141 IMG_2140
IMG_2139 IMG_2138 IMG_2137
IMG_2136 IMG_2135 IMG_2134





Mike Heidrick

I am excited so I am sharing 🙂 I got the 3D printer extruding tonight. Thanks to many of you for your parts and assistance!
Specifically awesome parts from Andy, Nuri, Ahren, Dan, Harry, Chelsea and co – You guys rock!



I want to share with you the conversion of a nice CNC machine which is owned by Omer from Elmaslar Medikal. This setup has a large heated build platform.

Here is the video of this setup while printing


I would like to thank “Dan Mauch” from He is very kind to share a video and his mach3 and Slic3r  software settings. Slic3r is a slicing software to generate g-code.

Dan’s Mach3 settings xml file (Copy this file to mach3 directory and create a new profile with this xml)

Dan’s slic3r config file (Copy the config.ini file to the directory that has slic3R . Then in slic3r load the config.ini file)


Savas Sener from Izmir Turkiye
He is working on ac motor drivers and energy  saving systems. –

JB from Oklahoma
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Here are the pictures:

Please send your photos and videos to me

5 thoughts on “Users”

  1. Very nice work done!
    Any idea how I could run 2 Extruder one for build and the other one for support or different color ?

    • Hi Frank,
      That is what I want to work on these days. We have to define two axis for two extruders. Say A axis for the build material extruder and B axis for the support material extruder. It is easy to set up in mach3. But I have to work on gcode generation for two extruder.

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