LCD Thermocouple Two Channel Extruder Controller

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This extruder controller card is a temperature monitoring and PID temperature controller for 3D printers. If you have a desktop CNC machine you can easily convert your CNC to a 3D printer with this controller card. You can also handle your temperature related tasks of your 3D printer with this card without the need of a computer. You can set both the extruder temperature and the heated bed temperature with on board trimpots. You can read digitally your setting temps and sensor values from the LCD. You can directly connect your heating elements to the board. High Power MOSFETS can handle your current requirements.


  • Standalone No PC Connection Required
  • Based on the Arduino Diecimila
  • 2×16 LCD
  • Simple Temp Settings With Onboard Pots
  • 2 High Power MOSFET Outputs (5A at 12V)
  • 2 Thermocouple Input (2x Max6675)
  • Needs 12VDC as power source
  • 2 PID Computation Via On-board Micro-controller


Connection Diagram:

Suitable Heating Element:

12V 40W Ceramic Cartridge Wire Heater


Suitable thermocouple Sensor

K-type Thermocouple Sensor Probe




74 thoughts on “LCD Thermocouple Two Channel Extruder Controller”

  1. Per Jeppesen said:

    Hi Nuri
    I have sent link to the components I have connected to your card but I have not received an answer back, on what caused the card gets very hot ??

  2. Per Jeppesen said:

    Hi Nuri
    I hereby sent it again.
    Power is a computer power unit the yellow and Black wire 12volt

  3. Per Jeppesen said:

    Hi Nuri
    I’ve tried only the hotend and there were no problems but when I only connect heatbed the heat is rise on the three components I have marked with red circles on the photo.
    I have an infrared temperature measure and it shows 100 degrees but the temperature seems to rise uncontrolable and I switch off the controller when the components temp. reaches 100 degrees ???
    See Photo
    well how do I attach a photo here???
    I have tried to send it through the “return”mail but it does not Work?.

  4. Per Jeppesen said:

    Okay, One last thing Nuri, do you think I can use this power expander see link, and if so how should it be connected to your card, it may be that others can use this solution.


  5. Seeed has both boards listed as out of stock. Have you any idea when they might be available again? Also, in your response to Ed Parenteau (Dec 14, 2012) you seem to indicate that the 2tc1 board could be used for both thermocouple and thermistor sensors. Is this possible? Many thanks.

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